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How Many Cigarette Butts Can You Pick Up From A Maltese Beach In Less Than 30 Minutes?

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Summer in Malta means tens of thousands of people going to the beach on a daily basis to lap up the sun and unwind after a long(ish) winter stuck indoors. And while many claim to need a cigarette or two to properly relax, they don’t always care about what to do with it after they’re done.

If you weren’t sure whether we’ve still got an issue with discarded cigarette butts all over our streets, pavements and beaches, here’s a depressing update; this one guy managed to pick up 512 cigarettes in less than 30 minutes.

In an Instagram post, the man, Vincent Ballet, explained how “there were way more” and he could’ve gone on all day. “You can of course argue that it goes on and on a couple of metres afterwards,” he continued, but that didn’t stop him from doing his part during a quick, impromptu cleanup.

This act was part of Vincent’s taking part in a weekly campaign run by now-famous cleanup organiser Camila Appelgren‘s #trashis4tossers. He has been active in other cleanups around Malta before, and has joined previous editions organised by two of the largest cleanup bodies right now, Malta Clean Up and Żibel.

“People still have the choice to change their habits and make us all live in a better world,” Vincent concluded, “and the good news is that it’s easy to do!” All you have to do is actually care for the environment around you.

Share this post to raise awareness on an issue we desperately need to fix before summer comes.

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