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Concerts, Clubs And Fresh Air! Eight Things We Hope Will Return To Malta In 2021

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There’s a lot we’ve missed in 2020 and a lot to look forward to in 2021… that is if we achieve herd immunity and finally get rid of this blasted coronavirus pandemic. 

The nation is thirsting for a return to normality (or maybe a new normal) and with it the return to some of the more normal activities that we once took for granted but will truly never underestimate ever again. 

Stuff like going to a festival, going to a bar with friends or even heading outside without having to worry about a facemask.

Yes, it’s the simple things in life that make you happy, especially when we can’t get back to good ol’ normal.

But until then, here’s all the stuff we can’t wait to make a re-appearance in our (relatively) mundane lives. 

1. Concerts

This year killed the live music scene with many turning to online live streams as their only option… but it just doesn’t have the same feel. Whether you’re there for the music or the beers, nothing beats spending a night out with some good music and your friends by your side – even if it is the Beer Fest.

The biggest disappointment of this year – the cancellation of Celine Dion’s massive concert in Malta. Thankfully, she’ll be back next year (fingers crossed) and so will plenty of other concerts too.

2. Clubs

Ah Paceville, the scapegoat for all our COVID-19 problems of 2020. The party plaza is littered with clubs that attract both locals and tourists and plenty of fights – but that’s part of the thrill and appeal really. 

While clubbing is the younger generation’s game, we all enjoy a good night out on the lash every now and again and we wouldn’t mind if it returned in 2021. In fact, we would love it because it has been waaaaay too long.

3. Bars

Bars, bars and bars. It’s the epicentre of social interactions and hookups – but the best part of it is the buzzing atmosphere. Malta is home to plenty of quirky, cool bars that have become local watering holes for nearby residents. 

We miss bars dearly – mostly because if we want to grab a pint of beer or glass of wine it has to come with a side of chips or Twistees nowadays… and you can’t really get drunk on a full stomach.

4. Travel

The wanderlust is strong in 2021. For many of us, this COVID-19 period has been the longest time we’ve been stuck on the island and we’re really starting to get major cabin fever.

With Malta being so well connected, travelling is the thing we are looking forward to the most next year. The whole of Europe is just a stone’s throw away but we have our eyes set on the more exotic locations out there… basically anywhere as far away from here as possible. 

5. Theatres and Cinemas

Although theatres and cinemas are up and running, they are doing so at limited capacity – and the vibe isn’t just the same. If I wanted to watch a movie with no one in sight, I would watch it at home.

Half the experience is meeting up with friends and bonding over a film or show’s glorious or terrible ending, followed by a stop at the local burger joint and a pint or two.

And theatre is only complete when a crowd is involved, one that is active, engaged and eager to participate, not separated by social distancing and masks.

6. Sporting Events

Football, waterpolo, rugby and everything else. Malta has a rich sporting culture with a lot of young and upcoming talent that need our support in the stands. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do that this year, with all sporting events held behind closed doors.

We can’t wait to get back to spending Sunday cheering on our favourite teams, both locally and abroad. 

7. Festivals

The best getaway from reality is a festival, whether it be here or abroad. There are still some doubts about whether a summer festival season will happen but we sure hope it does because we’ll be attending as many as we can to celebrate the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


8. Festas

A local tradition that is both loved and hated historically. But after this year, everyone is going to enjoy the festa, its food and the fireworks that come with it. What we aren’t looking forward to is the road closures, but we’ll take that over having months of quarantine and quasi-lockdowns. 

BONUS: Fresh Air

The essence of life and the one thing that we haven’t been able to enjoy properly and freely over this year unless you risk a €100 fine.

On a more serious note, I think we all can’t wait to get rid of these bloody face masks once and for all. It’s going to be super weird at first seeing everyone’s face and their full facial expression and it might take a couple of weeks to readjust to not carrying a face mask with you everywhere you go… but damn, will it be worth it.

With Malta rolling out the vaccine, it’s only a matter of time until we achieve herd immunity and return to a new normal where socialising isn’t frowned upon and having a beer and getting drunk isn’t considered the worst of sins. 

But until then, we can only dream of the day until we get to do any of the above.

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