Destruction Of 'Gigantic Garden' In Birkirkara Sparks Creation Of New Anti-PA Online Community

"Malta's Third Great Siege is the most destructive of all"

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Whether it's a centuries-old villa or an archeological site, Malta has seen its fair share of historical gems giving way to controversial development projects. The latest of these, the destruction of a gigantic garden in Birkirkara, made its way to Facebook this morning. With many people treating it as the straw that broke the camel's back, the post quickly ended up in the birth of a new online community with Malta's Planning Authority in its crosshairs.

PD Deputy Leader Timothy Alden shared the news of the destruction of Villa Sasn Costantino's garden this morning, saying it must have been "an application which slipped through last year." The post goes on to say that all the soil had been removed from the massive expanse, with Alden describing it as "another example of the ongoing national rape."

It is believed that the the garden might even hold some Roman remains, which are even pictured in one of the photos shared on Facebook.

Alden's post started to gather some traction online with people commenting and resharing it, but eventually, a new Facebook group appeared in the comments section, Take the PA to Court.

The group laid out its objectives in a post shared on Monday morning, saying they want people to "unite under outrage and grief at the loss of our environment, culture and heritage, and transform that into positive action."

The online community also plans on creating a blacklist of developers, people and companies who have contributed to Malta's current situation, listing down not using certain petrol stations as an example. The group also wants to "use the strength and power cause to encourage whistleblowers to come out."

"Malta's is once again under siege," the page stated, going on to say that the "Third Great Siege is the most destructive of all."

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