Eating Bugs, Waxing Chests And Pole Dancing: The Lovin Malta Team Is Taking On Some Double Dares For L-Istrina

This festive period, watch us humiliate ourselves for charity

Lovin Malta Istrina Christmas Dares

Dares are one of those things you might tell your friends you're brave enough to take on but never end up doing when push comes to shove. Well, this Christmas, the Lovin Malta team is going to make sure we follow through with our promises... because this time, it's for a good cause!

That's right; everyone at the office is going to be taking part in a series of dares - paired up with someone else for extra emotional support - in an effort to raise money for The Community Chest Fund's L-Istrina, the biggest fundraising event in Malta come the 26th of December.

We've set up a Zaar fundraising campaign with the hopes of raising €5,000 for L-Istrina... and every €500 milestone will see us taking up one of these dares

Without further ado, here are the nine dares the Lovin Malta team will be taking part in.

1. Matthew and Becca will be eating bugs

He might've graced us with some beautifully left-field recipes thanks to Basic(ally), but we're willing to bet Matt wasn't planning on including bugs in his list of ingredients any time soon.

When we asked Becca how she felt about the prospect of having to digest a bug, all she did was nervously smile and reply, "Not great".

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 31 13

2. Chris and Dave will be shaving their heads

Our very own Lovin Daddy hasn't shaved his head in years, and DGU is more of a "let's-try-every-single-hair-colour-on-the-planet" kind of guy, so this should be a questionable stylistic for both choice at best.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 33 12

3. Johann and Tim will be waxing their chests... or legs

The jury's still out on whether we want our videographer and political editor to suffer the full wrath of the waxing strip, but one body part will definitely be relatively smoother (and redder) by the end of this.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 35 19

4. Kira and Luca will get Lovin Malta tattoos

From our most veteran members to our newest recruits, everyone says Lovin Malta leaves a mark on their lives.

I think it's safe to say LM will be leaving a slightly more permanent mark on Kira and Luca by the end of 2018 though...

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 39 02

5. Chucky and Rachel will pole-dance

Malta's first drag stand-up comedian and the new voice of Lovin Malta (think our Before Brunch podcast and those new radio ads). What could possibly go wrong?

This might seem like a tame dare in theory, but much like other things, it's all about location baby.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 41 06

6. Sandie and Luke will go out carolling

One is a seasoned performer and singer... the other irritates the office with his oldies playlists.

This should be very interesting.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 11 59 01

7. Johnathan and Elsa will eat raw eggs

From tasty hole-in-the-walls to decadent 30-course menus, our in-house foodies have tried it all.

But even the most experienced of tastebuds will not make raw eggs any less disgusting. John and Elsa, we salute you.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 12 01 34

8. David and Bettina will be staying handcuffed together for a whole day

They might go way back, but even the lengthiest of friendships is tested when you throw a pair of handcuffs into the equation.

Say goodbye to personal space and hello to one of the toughest dares on the list.

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 12 04 35

9. Steffie and Siane will be dyeing their hair a bright colour

They've already got some of the most vibrant personalities in the office, but manifesting that to the max with hair dye wasn't on Steff or Siane's schedules for 2018. That is, before Lovin Malta came along.

We'll be leaving the colour as a surprise for later on, but you can rest assured you'll be able to spot S&S from a mile away after we're through with them!

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 12 08 51

BONUS: We'll all be jumping into the sea... in December

Have you found yourself thinking how cold evenings in Malta are suddenly getting? Well, multiply that a couple of times, and remove all those jackets you've been wearing lately. Exactly.

Wish us luck!

Screenshot 2018 11 30 At 12 09 50

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