Facebook Post Honours Some Of The Hardest Workers In Malta

All this heat is bound to make it way harder

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It's been a long and very hot summer, and as another intense heatwave is coming to Malta, the island's roads are about to get an extra helping of rage. Pair that with a lot of construction and roadworks currently happening all over Malta, and many people might find themselves having an even shorter temper. One user on popular Facebook forum The Salott, however, pointed out that, amidst all this, some of the most hardworking people in Malta are right there on our roads.

"I'd like to congratulate the workers who are currently involved in the roadworks in Triq B. Bontadini in Birkirkara," said the post. "These people hardly stop in the boiling sun, and it seems like they're doing a very good job."

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The post gained a lot of traction in one day, getting over 250 positive reactions. People congratulated not only the workers themselves, but also the person who took the time to post this little piece of appreciation. One comment suggested they take down a cold bottle of water to the workers... while another chimed in with the classic, "Tuwhom kaxxa lager!" 

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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank workers like those in Birkirkara, and many more around the island, for their hard work all year round... especially during the unbearably hot Maltese summers.

As the original post so elegantly put it, "The important thing is not what kind of work you're doing, but that you put your heart into it, and that's what these workers are doing."

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