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Farmer Drama: Siġġiewi Man Wakes Up To Find Someone Has Cut And Stolen His Cauliflowers And People Had Feelings

Working on something for five months just to have it stolen right at the end is painful no matter what the object is – but it’s doubly offensive when it’s from your own cauliflower patch.

One Maltese man had the shock of his life when he entered his field to find that some thief in the night had cut a number of his healthy cauliflowers without his consent.

“There truly are people dying of hunger in this country,” the man himself said on Facebook. “You go to cut your cauliflower and find that they’ve cut it for you. I’ve been taking care of them for five months and he’s already entered two other times. They really have no shame.”

Other Maltese people felt the man’s pain and quickly joined in with some tips and messages of support for the man, ranging from getting a guard dog to installing bear traps, barbed wire or actual bombs in the cauliflower.

Many people warned that the thief is probably one of his neighbours or someone he knows, while another person said it’s probably good that he didn’t find the bandit, because the man might end up in prison from the beating he would give him.

Other farmers said they have had everything from figs to onions, to parsley, to pumpkins, to watermelons stolen from their fields.

Indeed, many long-time farmers said that having people break into their fields when they weren’t around was unfortunately common, with many farmers lamenting the fact that some people would be ready to do such a thing.

Have you or someone you know ever experienced something like this?

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