Planning Authority's Facebook Rating Is The Perfect Example Of Maltese Passive Aggressiveness

The utter shade of it all

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Anyone who's been living in Malta for more than a couple of weeks knows that the Planning Authority isn't the island's favourite government organisation. Responsible for green-lighting a host of very controversial developments all over the country, the PA has had a tough job getting on the public's good books. 

The Planning Authority is currently under fire for its new website, which reportedly makes it tougher to search for applications and drastically reduces transparency. The PA's negative press is definitely no exception on Facebook, where the organisation is currently sitting on a humiliating 1.5 star average. 

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Negative reviews have been making their way to the Planning Authority's Facebook page for over a year now, but with the recent news of a recent ramp-up in permits — 38 per day during the five-week election campaign, for a total of 1,247 (153 of which were ODZ) — Malta went on passive aggressive overdrive. 

The PA currently has 37 total reviews, 31 of which are the lowest rating possible, a one star. And while some people expressed concerns on specific developments which have recently been approved by the organisation and wrote heartbreaking appeals, others passed sarcastic comments on their slogan ("Better planning for today and tomorrow"), or remarked on how they're only giving a one star rating because a zero doesn't exist. 

And while the reviews are hilarious on their own, you've got to love the signature Maltese passive aggressive shade of it all.

What rating would you give the Planning Authority?

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