Hello 2019: Magnificent View Of Gozo And Comino Perfectly Ruined By Illegal Dumping

The year was off to a trashy start for one particular person

Malta Illegal Dumping Ice Cream Freezer

New year, same old sad sight. While people all over the world have no doubt been moved to make environmentally-friendly resolutions for the year ahead considering the shocking amount of plastic in our seas and waste in our streets, one person in Malta seems to have done the exact opposite.

Karl Sammut woke up on the second day of 2019 to quite a sorry sight; a portable ice cream freezer that was just left by the sea along the northern coast of the island. Spoiling the beautiful view of Gozo and Comino in the background, the freezer is as big of a "Fuck You" to people concerned about illegal dumping in Malta as you could possibly think of.

Ice Cream Dumping Malta Facebook Post
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Taking to Facebook, Sammut shared the photo on activist group Malta Clean Up's official page, with just one simple word as a caption: "Why?" Same, tbh.

And hey; you might be sitting there raging at this photo, but it's good to see that some people have decided to stay true to their roots and make sure 2019 doesn't do away with Malta's age-old tradition of not giving any fucks.

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