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Help Make The Dreams Of These Maltese Children Come True

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– Noel just wants a big toy car

– And the Handprint Group want a karaoke machine

– Paul just really wants to learn how to draw

– And Luke wants to go to drama, but knows his nanna can’t afford it

– Brianna is hoping to live up to her (sort of) namesake with some hip-hop lessons

– And just like most of us at his age, Jean really wants a bunk bed

These are six of the 1500 dreams of kids living in children’s homes or families with social difficulties. For the past four years Lina Pecorella and Aġenzija Appoġġ have teamed to make these children’s dreams come true!

As pseudo-adults we may have grown out of the phase of wishing for things for Christmas, but most of us remember the feeling of really wanting something specific – and praying with all we’ve got that we’ll find it under the tree come December 25th. For these kids, this isn’t always possible, but you can change that!

Child Wish

The way it works is simple – the social worker sits down with the child they are responsible for and speaks to them about what they’d like for Christmas. The request is then placed on the site, and a sponsor can commit to buying this gift for the child. Pretty straightforward really, which means there’s really no excuse not to help out!


At first, we were taken aback by the number of children requesting One For All Vouchers (seriously, I thought my nanna was the only one who knew about them) but the team behind Children’s Dream explained that part of the fun of being a teenager is going shopping, browsing through the displays and knowing you can buy yourself something nice – particularly during Christmas time when everyone is buying presents and the shops are lit up so beautifully.

So far almost 75% of the dreams listed have been fulfilled – so lets try get that up to a nice, round 100!

What did you always want as a kid? Tell us your dream gift in the comments on Facebook!

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