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Here’s How You Can Make Sure Malta’s Beaches Aren’t Dotted With Cigarette Butts This Summer

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While Malta has recently seen a rise in cleanups around the islands, issues with littering still persist. Nowhere is this clearer than with the cigarette butts which dot our streets and, even worse now that summer is here, our beaches. 

A couple of posts on the popular Facebook group The Salott this week restarted the conversation on the matter of reducing cigarette butts on Maltese beaches, with each post getting hundreds of comments of people who contributed with their own personal beach hacks. Here are some of the suggestions we need to see more people applying.

1. Use an empty cigarette pack as an ashtray

Maria’s suggestion

One of the posts that inspired people to start sharing their own beach hacks. This one is as simple and effective as they get, and it’s also quite poetic. Packs are where cigarettes come from, and that’s where they get to return.


2. Repurpose your last drink

Sabrina’s suggestion

Whether it was previously a plastic bottle for water, a glass one for a soft drink, or a beer can, it can very easily be repurposed to hold all the remnants of the cigarettes you’ll smoke while on the beach. 

3. Buy a pocket ashtray from a souvenir shop

Karen and Jo’s suggestions

Most souvenir shops have tiny “pocket ashtrays” available (they’ll probably also be very colourful and have images of Malta on them), and they’re perfect for carrying around.

4. Carry a small empty jug with you

Liz’s suggestion

This one’s genius. “A small empty jar like the pesto ones will always do the trick and will leave your bag with no smell.”

5. Fill up a plastic cup with seawater or sand

Carole and Antoinette’s suggestions

There’s enough seawater and sand on any Maltese beach to fill a billion plastic cups, so there’s really excuse for this one. Another great hack with bare minimum effort required.


6. Use the ashtrays provided by the lifeguards

Audreyann and Sara’s suggestions

(Apparently) little known fact: lifeguards on Malta’s beaches provide ashtrays as well. If you can’t see one, just ask for one!

Share this post and let’s try to make Malta’s beaches cigarette butt-free this summer!

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