Inspire Foundation Clap Back After Hateful Comments Spam Their Page

They're turning this into a teachable moment and the online community is here for it

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Hate comments are an unfortunate part of the internet we've just learnt to deal with, but sometimes they cut so deep it's hard to ignore them.

But rather than late the negativity spread, or hide the comment and pretend it never happened, the Inspire Foundation took the time to teach the troll and others an important lesson.

The original comment left by 'Mario':

"When we first saw Mario's comment under this post, our first reaction was to delete it," Inspire wrote in their statement. "But we realised that it is by far more educational to let the general public have an open discussion on the matter."

Apart from Inspire's official reply, many of the page's fans, as well as other users who happened upon the post were also quick to chastise Mario's disgusting language.

Seeing this, Inspire also thanked the community for working together. "Thank you to all who have tried to explain to Mario why he is wrong. We might not have convinced him, but our mission is to try."

Inspire Reply

They ended their post with an appeal to keep discussions clean and civil, and signed off with one of the best subtle burns we've ever read.

"The only disability is a bad attitude."

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