Is This The Most Accurate Depiction Of Maltese Life?

Are the Maltese really this 'Untroubled'?


A new comic website showing various aspects of typical modern Maltese life is a bit too real for us to handle. 

From morning traffic problems to the unique ways of getting sick leave in Malta, The Untroubled Maltese seems set to document some of the things that really make the Maltese seem, well, untroubled.

Taking an untroubled approach themselves to publishing, even going so far as to say "since Copyright law in Malta is a mere formality, any reproduction is permitted as long as the author is credited," the website lampoons things that any Maltese has become accustomed to hearing about. 

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The images come from the mind of Mario Borg, a Maltese designer whose "life is never untroubled." 

The very relatable comics put a funny spin on what are otherwise seriously annoying - and sometimes illegal - regular events in this country.

And as long as the Maltese remain untroubled - that is "not feeling, showing or affected by anxiety or problems" - about these regular occurrences, you can expect Mario Borg to keep drawing away, hitting right at the heart of a particular part of being Maltese, one comic strip at a time. 

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Do these comics show the Malta that you know and love?

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Johnathan Cilia

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