7 Life-Saving Blogs For Maltese Parents To Follow

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Parents are expert multitaskers. Not only do they have to make sure their child breathes, eats, drinks, remains warm, safe, happy and alive – they also have to make tonnes of decisions everyday that will shape an actual human being's while life... forever.

We reckon they deserve all the help they can get. And while actual helping-hands are great, sometimes it's best to just be able to get the advice and support you need quickly, without even leaving your house (and having to call a babysitter).

Parents, have a look and join some of these useful parenting pages on Facebook.

1. Parents in Malta

When you're having to spend money regularly on things like baby food, nappies, clothes and so on, you sometimes need to life to hand you a bargain on the bigger, more expensive baby/child related purchases.

Well, life might not do that but this group will. It's perfect for buying or selling any child-related items. Just get ready to grab the best deals first!

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2. Fit Malta Mums

We know the name of the page says 'mums' but we're going to go ahead and suggest that this page has useful content for both mums and dads. It's full of great food and fitness advice posts on how to stay healthy while parenting.

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3. MyEverydayMatters

Maltese mom Lindsay Hills, who is a mother-of-three girls under four, runs this blog which focuses on the little adventures her family has every day and gives life-saving tips that have been tried and tested for those looking to help them organise everything just a little bit better.


4. DADS Malta

This dad-run page offers a respite to Malta's hard-working fathers. Its content is mostly humorous and light-hearted, but it does also include useful advice on healthy recipes to cook for the family, as well as a bunch of inspiration and motivational posts.


5. Single Mothers Malta

A page that brings the kick-ass single mothers of Malta together – its all about sharing advice, stories and general support to mums who are bringing up their kids solo.

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6. Project Parent

This page offers people in Malta advice on all things 'parenting'. It touches on local issues like the availability of public nappy changers, the state of Maltese pavements for pushchairs and prams, and general family friendly measures on the islands.

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7. Fun Loving Mums

Described as a "community of positive and energetic mums living in Malta & Gozo", this page gives awesome advice on arts and crafts, activities, party-planning, and anything associated with joyful and uplifting parenting.


Have we left any out? Tell us in the comments section!

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