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11 Places Where You Can Drop Off Your Lovin Milied Gift Boxes

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Sleighbells jingling, ringle tingle tingling, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together!

Okay, maybe not an actual sleigh ride but a car ride with some Christmas music can also do the trick. Spreading the Christmas cheer as part of our #LovinMiliedChallenge means that you also need to use Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to meet Santa at one of his stops. 

Now that you have spent some quality time with your friends, lovers, parents, or children assembling these gift boxes, it’s time to drop them off! 

All this would not be possible without Atlas Insurance, whose various branches are being used as Santa’s Grottoes.

Let’s have a look at the eleven different Atlas branches you can leave your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift boxes at. 

1. Birkirkara 

Just a stone’s throw away from the Old Railway Station, and right next to Tanti Opticians, this branch is located at the heart of Valley Road. If you know where Gala is, you know where Atlas is.

2. Bormla 

Found nestled between the Cospicua Health Centre and the American University, you’re sure to spot Atlas’ Bormla branch. Dropping off your gift boxes and going for a walk around the water’s edge sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  

3. Burmarrad 

Found at the heart of the Fort Hard Rocks Business Park, you can stop by Lovin Malta at any time between 9am and 6pm during the workweek. Just ring the bell once you get here, or call us on +356 7900 8492. 

4. Ħaż-Żebbug

Driving into Ħaż-Żebbug via Vjal Il-Ħelsien means it’s almost impossible to miss this branch. Found right in the main road, stopping to drop off your gift boxes is a breeze. 

5. Luqa 

Conveniently found in the heart of Skyparks, this Atlas branch is open 5 days a week, making this a quick stop along your commute. Found on the right side of the McDonald’s drive-thru, delivering your gift boxes here will be easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

6. Mosta 

Visit the Mosta Dome and drop off your gifts at the Atlas branch found in Mosta. Found right at the heart of Constitution Street, stopping by before your Saturday tea is as easy as pie.

7. Paola 

Even if you’ve never ventured into the south, you definitely know where the Corradino Corrections Facility is located. The Paola Atlas branch is found opposite the prison, further down than the recently opened Burger King outlet. 

8. Rabat 

Atlas’ Rabat branch will be temporarily closed until 28th November, but you can drop off your gifts at the newly refurbished branch during their opening hours after that. The branch is just a 5-minute walk from St Paul’s Catacombs, in the same street as Rabat Marbles.

9. San Ġwann 

Found right at the heart of San Ġwann’s main road, everyone and their nanna has probably driven past them before. The Atlas branch is found exactly opposite the Malta Post branch in Triq in-Naxxar.

10. St. Paul’s Bay 

Santa has even thought about everyone who lives in the north of Malta. You can head on over to Atlas Insurance’s St. Paul’s Bay branch which is found just opposite The Catering Centre in Toni Bajada Street. 

11. Ta’ Xbiex 

Last but certainly not least, you can visit their main offices in Ta’ Xbiex to drop off your gift boxes. The old Maltese doors are unmissable, so just cruise down Ta’ Xbiex Marina Road and you’re sure to see it. 

Atlas Insurance will be collecting presents from the 15th November until the 17th December – meaning you have more than enough time to do your elf duties! 

Santa would not have been able to plan out his stops so well without the help of Atlas Insurance. Them being so prevalent across Malta makes each honorary elf’s job way easier.

Providing you with drop-off stops all around the island, they just might be one of the best honorary elves Santa’s ever worked with. 

Here’s how to make the boxes

  1. Grab a shoebox
  2. Wrap the base and lid separately in festive wrapping paper. There’s no need to seal the box
  3. Pick a gift box from the ones listed below and fill it with the items listed
  4. Spread the Christmas cheer and get everyone you know involved by using the hashtag #LovinMiliedChallenge

Here’s a guide to how the different boxes should look: 

Box 1 – Mother & Baby Box

  • A Soft Towel
  • Talcum Powder
  • Pack Baby Wipes
  • Scented Soap for Mum
  • Christmas Decoration
  • Christmas Themed Chocolate Treat

Box 2 – Kids Box (3-10)

  • Soft Toy such as an animal soft toy, teddy bear, cartoon soft toy, snowman soft toy or similar
  • Small Fun Present like a yoyo, skipping rope, toy animal/ dinosaur, a pack of cards
  • Creativity Gift like crayons, colouring pencils, dried paint palette, activity book, colouring book, thin picture book, sticker book
  • Socks
  • Christmas Decoration
  • Christmas Themed Chocolate Treat

Box 3 – Older Girl’s Box (11-16)

  • A Fashionable Scarf
  • Small Presents like a key chain, a pocket mirror, a purse, brush, hair accessories, makeup or a piece of jewellery
  • Notebook
  • Socks
  • Christmas Decoration
  • Christmas Themed Chocolate Treat

Box 4 – Older Boy’s Box (11-16)

  • A Scented Body Spray
  • Small Present such as a wallet, socks, a piece of jewellery, a pack of cards or hair gel
  • Notebook Diary
  • Socks
  • Christmas Decoration
  • Christmas Themed Chocolate Treat

Box 5 – Elderly Citizen Box

  • Cosy Lap Blanket
  • Warm Unisex Slippers or Hot Water Bottle
  • A Christmas card in an envelope to open. This can be signed or anonymous, completely up to you
  • Christmas Decoration
  • Christmas Themed Chocolate Treat

Box 6 – Food Box

  • Pasta, Rice
  • Canned Food
  • Cereal
  • Tea, Coffee, Powdered Milk
  • Biscuits
  • Juice

Box 7 – Doggie Treat Box

  • Wet Food, any brand
  • Dry Food, any brand
  • Treats, any brand
  • Blankets
  • Sheets

When does gift-collection begin?

Starting from the 15th November, our little reindeer will be collecting gift boxes that have been wrapped up with love by all of you honorary elves. These gift boxes will be spread across a whole load of different charities, helping us spread the Christmas cheer to as many people as possible.

All gifts are greatly appreciated, so grab your partner, best friend, child, or really anyone who likes Christmas, and get assembling!

We’ve also made a handy-dandy downloadable shopping guide for you to check off the items for your #LovinMiliedChallenge boxes.

Nominate someone to join you in the #LovinMiliedChallenge right now!

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