Malta's Final Huge Fight Of 2016... And It's Over A Door

And of course it all went down in The Salott

Salott Fight Cover

The holiday season is all about kindness, goodwill and spending time with family while you secretly rage-type snappy comebacks on Facebook's The Salott because some asshole is blind to how right you are.

In a last-ditch attempt to make sure 2016 ends on the weirdest fight possible, a door has forged untold numbers of new nemeses - and here's how it went down.

1. Stephen shared an opinionated post in The Salott

It would appear that he disliked the replacement of our traditional Maltese doors with aluminium disasters and agreed it is a sure-fire way to fuck up a classic Maltese facade.


"Kif ghandek tfotti il faccata ta dar maltija"

2. Stephen raked in those Salott likes

And he was living the high life on comments calling out the new door.

Team Ugly

3. Until Michelle stepped in and called him a git

And her comment karma shot up with them five likes.


4. Terrance also had no time for Stephen's "screaming"

Brushing past the unknown source of said screams (considering Stephen didn't even write a comment) Terrance opened Pandora's Box with his statement (you see Micelle, you don't have to insult people to get them likes).


5. And all hell broke loose

They Got Nothing To Do
Not Yours

6. Henry, a fresh face, won over the audience with the sassiest of replies

"Bonswa" - me ending any argument in 2017.

Bonswa 2

7. While Erika hoped maths would provide the solution

If O'levels are anything to go by, it'll probably just make things worse.


8. The government also got the blame

Finally, this argument was consummated with unrelated political 'banter'. Why shouldn't we continue to make a bad situation worse - they were allowed to do it, so we should too!


9. And in the end, no real consensus was reached


BONUS: Mark provided the perfect response to "hawn dari, nagħmel li rrid"


What do you think of the 'it's my house and I'll do what I want' arguement? 

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Chucky Bartolo

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