Malta's Massive Clean Up In (Shocking) Numbers

Over 1,000 volunteers turned up for Earth Day

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Our tiny island just got a lot cleaner thanks to the incredible work of over 1,000 volunteers who spent their Sunday picking up rubbish from across our island.

Organised by the powerhouse Camilla Appelgren, Malta Clean Up did an incredible job in just a couple of hours, and here are the numbers that prove it.

1. Just shy of 1,670 volunteers showed up

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2. They collected 2,162 bags of rubbish

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3. There were 77 locations targeted

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4. Of the 68 local councils across the island, 56 participated

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5. Plastic bottles accounted for 10.5% of waste collected

6. Glass was 5.5%

6. Mixed recycling accounted for 25%

7. And 55.5% was landfill waste

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The team is waiting for confirmation of the exact weight collected, but the fact that so many people mobilised to make our country a cleaner space is already incredible. 

A huge shout-out to Camilla and the whole Malta Clean Up team for all the work they do, and also companies like Catena Media who helped out the teams with supplies and manpower.

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