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Malta’s Newest RUBS Facebook Group Concerns The Country’s Biggest Common Denominator

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If there’s one Facebook community that most Maltese people will instantly recognise, it’s RUBS, or Are You Being Served? The original group is now sitting on over 78,000 members, with popular offshoots like The Salott and RUBS Puppy Love each boasting upwards of 45,000 members and 56,000 members respectively. Now, there’s a new RUBS group to kick off the new year, and we’re willing to bet it’ll soon become one of the community’s most active.

It’s called RUBS ROAD PAGE.

“We would like to add RUBS Road Page to the other rubs pages because we feel that with over 75,000 members, we can really help each other with traffic updates, road regulations, road works and any other important information to ease everybody’s daily drives,” explained Francesca Fenech Conti and Moira Palmier, the power duo behind the Facebook behemoths.

Of course, you’d expect that, in a country like Malta (which, safe to say has its fair share of daily traffic problems), a group like RUBS Road Page will instantly devolve into an orgy of complaints. After all, half its members have already admitted to mistakenly reading Road Rage when they first joined. This, however, is actually not what the creators of the group have in mind.

“We would like this to be more than just a moan page about the traffic, we would like you our members to tell us where there is congestion, roads blocked due to construction, where there isn’t traffic. We should all share helpful tips and advice with the aim of educating drivers and to help each other make our roads safer and cut down on road rage.”

The description which currently greets new members lays out the law of the land (posting and commenting rules which go in tandem with the other RUBS groups). Taking the opportunity to remind everyone of the potential dangers on Malta’s streets during these holidays, however, RUBS Road Page’s About section finishes up by delivering a quick PSA. “Remember do not text and drive, do not drink and drive. No phone calls while driving, remember 12 points and you could lose your license.”

The group was created on Thursday 28th December, just after 10pm. Two days later, it has already amassed over 800 members. Of course, that was at the time of writing; we’re sure a quick refresh will propel that number way higher. 

The group’s wall has already been filled with varying comments, from people actually providing updates from the road, to people complaining about the roads, to our personal favourites; people complaining about people complaining about the roads (you’ve got to love the Malta’s complainception).

Only time will tell what this group will eventually turn into, but if previous RUBS groups and Road Page’s first 48 hours are anything to go by, this is going to get very interesting, entertaining and frustrating very quickly. 

2018, we’re ready for you.

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