Maltese Cleanup Found A Weird Mountain Of Rubbish At The Bottom Of Aħrax Cliffs

Not the usual everyday waste

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Local environmental NGO Żibel has been organising cleanups all over Malta for a couple of months now, and their community keeps growing. During a cleanup of l-Aħrax in Mellieħa organised last month, Zibel found a very sad sight at the foot of the cliffs near the famously beautiful chapel there; dozens upon dozens of used candles. 

People who were at the cleanup commented on how disappointed they were by the fact that this seems to have been going for a very long time now, considering the sheer amount of candles they found. "We just collected 10 tonnes of trash from that place," one of the organisers said. "I wouldn't be surprised if there's 10 more hidden beneath the surface." 

The photo, which was just shared this morning, has already created an uproar online, with many users pointing out the sad irony behind it all. 

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As some users commented, the pile was probably a combination of candles left outside the chapel being blown off the cliffs and them being intentionally dumped there.

Most people would not expect that something like a simple candle would end up accumulating into such a huge pile of waste over time, which only makes this incident even more surprising... and disappointing.

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