Maltese Commuters Take A Break From Complaining To Give Traffic Solutions

... and they're actually pretty good.

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If you've had to leave your house at any in the last two weeks, you've seen the insane amounts of traffic our island is currently experiencing. As with most things worth complaining about, The Salott has become the go-to place to bitch.

But in an effort to spin an extreme negative into something positive, Salott founder Moira Palmier called for more solutions, and less moaning, to try tackle this problem once and for all.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Get heavy vehicles off the road at peak hours

Garbage collection, road maintenance vehicles and huge construction trucks do not need to be around during rush hour.

No Deliveries

2. Encourage the use of ferries

If nothing else, it'll be hella cool to get to work by boat.


3. Consider reopening Dock 7 as a quick-fix 

Or at least creating a viable option through a similar route. 

Reopen Dock 7

4. Encourage more workplaces to help their employees go car-free

Tax or monetary incentives are always a good place to start from.


5. Make sure people who do go car free, don't suffer because of it

Knowing you're gonna spend your whole day feeling sticky is enough to put most people off cycling it to work.

Work Showers

6. Educate people about what to do in an accident

Many roads end up completely closed off because of a bumper-to-bumper accident. If you're rear-ended and nobody is injured, you don't need to wait for the warden. Take a few snaps of the scene, fill in the bumper-to-bumper sheet and carry on with your day.

If you phone the warden after an accident like that, they'll tell you the same thing.

Bumper To Bumper

7. Above all we need to tackle the car-centric mentality most Maltese people have

It's not just the roads or maintenance or the trucks - Maltese people are obsessed with driving everywhere. 

We need to realise we're not just suffering because of the traffic problem, we are the traffic problem.


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