Maltese Man Moves To Mexico And Takes Malta's Best Dishes With Him

The heart wants what it wants... but the stomach wants too.

Mark Mercieca Food Cover

Mark Mercieca is a Maltese man after our own hearts. He loves his home, he loves good food, and most of all he loves his mama's cooking. 

But at the age of 23, he fell in love with something, or rather someone else... and this love saw him travel halfway across the world to the beautiful town of Coyoacán, Mexico.

Santa Gula Pastizzi

They've absolutely nailed pastizzi - photo: Facebook

But when you love something, it's hard to let it go - which is why Mark set up La Santa Gula, a traditional Maltese bakery right in the heart of Mexico. They've got everything your Hobbit senses could desire - ħobż biż-żejt, qassatat, kannoli - the works!

And they're all made using his mother's traditional recipes! The video below shows some of the delicious treats including El Hoppps Malti at 0:52.

Mark's La Santa Gula has been extremely successful over the past five years, so much so that he's now about to open his third outlet. All his employees love working with him, as they serve up these Maltese specialities oceans away from their original home.

Mark Mercieca

The man himself - photo: Youtube

Gula Ftira

And his delicious ftajjar - photo: Facebook

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