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Maltese Woman Loses Her Ring But Finds It Again With A Little Help From Social Media

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It is always a horrible experience to lose something – whether it’s because the item has sentimental value or is simply just valuable.

Unfortunately, this is what was experienced by Jessica Falzon over the weekend after she lost her ring in the streets of Malta.

Taking to Facebook, Falzon appealed for information on her missing ring – which seemed to have fallen out of her bag in its own personal box. Hoping for as much chances as possible to get her ring back, Falzon also offered a €100 reward for whoever happened to find it and contact her about it.

In the many shares of her post and comments hoping it would be found or offering their support, one comment soon stood out.

Within just two hours from Falzon posting her appeal, the ring had been found by one social media user who immediately reached out.

Josianne Scicluna explained that she had found the ring in the road in front of a house the day before Falzon made her post. After finding it, she had spent the time checking Facebook in search of anyone who may have posted about their lost ring with the intention of doing whatever she could to find the owner.

Thanking her for finding the ring, Falzon’s joy at finding the ring was made quite clear – alongside Scicluna’s touching reply assuring her that the ring would be returned, and that Scicluna would bring it personally over to Falzon’s house.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Scicluna even refused to accept the €100 reward.

Though it may not be the biggest story to break over the Christmas season, it is hard to deny the sight of little deeds to highlight the true kindness and compassion that is still very much alive across our island.

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