So Who's Benefitting From The #LovinMiliedChallenge?

A break down of who's getting your wonderful gifts

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We've been absolutely overwhelmed with the response from the Maltese public after launching our #LovinMiliedChallenge last week! 

For those of you not yet familiar with the initiative – our goal is to gather shoeboxes packed full of gifts donated by the general public, and send them to people in our society who could do with some extra smiles this Christmas. 

The organisations we have on board so far are extremely grateful for being in our thoughts at this time of year. Here are some of the amazing foundations who provide care, support and assistance year-round to help where it's needed. 

1. Dar Merħba Bik Foundation

Dar Merħba Bik is a shelter for abused women and their children which operates entirely through donations. The aim of the organisation is to work with women who have experienced domestic violence and to help them establish a way of life which best meets their needs and which best helps them to develop their potential. 

Dar Merħba Bik provides women and children with shelter, counselling and provision of new skills, whilst working to enhance public awareness about the issue of domestic violence. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

The children of the mothers who have been forced to seek residency to protect them.


2. Appoġġ Residential Homes

Aġenzija Appoġġ is the National Agency for children, families and the community. It supports and works with families and individuals at risk of poverty, violence and social exclusion to empower them to attain the best quality of life. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

Children living in residential homes, most of them are siblings who have been placed together in care.



3. Gozo General Hospital

Gozo General Hospital caters for the health needs of the inhabitants and visitors on the island of Gozo. It is also Gozo's only governmental, public elderly care unit in Gozo, catering for a vast ageing population. 

There is a long waiting list and the resources are stretched, but the Hospital does its best to cater for all its residents, both male and female, with hot meals, a bed to sleep in, 24 hour care and most importantly, a place to feel loved and cared for for those at risk of social isolation and loneliness. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

Elderly citizens at the Gozo General Hospital, who will greatly appreciate your warming gifts and Christmas cards. 


4. Dar Qalb Ta' Ġesu

Dar Qalb Ta' Ġesu is a second stage shelter for women and their children who have fallen victim to domestic violence. After having been in an Emergency Shelter for a short period of time, families are referred there by Appoġġ. Families are welcomed there for a period of up to approximately one year to enable mother and children to regain their self esteem and skills towards eventual independent life. 

Dar Qalb Ta' Ġesu offers a holistic therapeutic service called Programm Sebħ which provides families with a key worker and separate accommodation in flat lets, which gives the family the possibility of more privacy for a better independent living. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

Children of the mothers aiming to  get back on their feet after a previous life of domestic violence. 


5. Malta Emigrants Commission

The Emigrants Commission came into being in 1950 due to the huge exodus of Maltese to foreign lands because of overpopulation and unemployment. The aim was to offer help to those who intended to settle abroad. 

Today the commission's services cover all those affected by migration, including asylum seekers who seek refuge in Malta. The non-governmental voluntary organisation aims to help and protect people in need by offering them assistance, free legal services, counselling and accommodation. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

To refuge seeking mothers of babies who will benefit from the basic utilities like talcum powder, soap and a clean towel. 


7. Tarxien Youth Centre

The Tarxien Youth Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established all the way back in 1938. The organisation aims to give these kids from lesser-off backgrounds a place to feel safe, make friends, enjoy access to toys and games and benefit from using technology such as computers to do their homework on. 

The NGO takes the children and adolescents on outings such as trips to the seaside and barbecues and organises parties and other fun events for the youths. 

Who will your #LovinMiliedChallenge gift box go to?

To youths who are having a particularly tough time this Christmas. 


Some things to remember...

All shoeboxes should be wrapped in festive wrapping paper, box and lid separately, for safety purposed and so that they may be opened to include other gifts from companies who are donating suitable products.

A big THANK YOU goes to Katya Gatt who was officially the first person ever to complete the #LovinMiliedChallenge and delivered her box to Lovin Malta HQ at 52 St Paul's Street, Valletta on Friday! 

Get in touch!

If you are an organisation who assists people in need we want to hear from you. If you know of any children, mothers or elderly persons in need that don't fall under a specific NGO we want to hear about them in private

If you are a business owner or larger office who would like to take care of ticking off the Christmas List of a whole organisation we want to hear from you too. 

Contact [email protected] if you want to help us help.

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