Mosta Labelled A 'Dumping Ground' As Photos Spark Online Outrage

Some of the rubbish there has been around for at least nine months

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A post on popular Maltese forum The Salott this weekend showed a fridge (amongst other large rubbish) dumped at the Ġnien tal-Għarusa public garden in Mosta, causing a stir online with hundreds of people condemning the act and reporting it to the Local Council. 


And while the mess which was left over the weekend is reportedly being cleared out later today, the post unearthed a different issue in Mosta; one particular road which locals have said is slowly becoming a "dumping ground" for anything from beer cans to cars. 

The road in question is Triq il-Ħtajriet, and borders with Naxxar behind the Mosta Technopark. Users mentioned the road more than once in The Salott post, sharing numerous photos of all sorts of rubbish dumped in the field at the beginning of the road. 

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One person even commented that a car which seems to have been in a bad road accident recently had its number plates removed and was just left in the road.

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When we went on Google Street View to find photos of the road, we discovered a very worrying thing.

The Google Street View photos of Triq il-Ħtajriet, which were taken all the way back in October 2016, seem to show the exact same rubbish which was reported in The Salott photos a couple of hours ago.

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As members of the Facebook group pointed out, there are a number of ways people can report rubbish to have it removed. Clean Malta has a Freephone option where people can call 1718, and of course Local Councils are there for reasons like this. 

What do you think needs to be done to improve this situation in Malta? Let us know in the comments below.

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