Nearly 50% Of Maltese People Quizzed Mistook A Hitler Speech For Ira Losco Lyrics

They also couldn't tell Faniello's work from Shakespeare's

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A recent quiz posted by Lovin Malta had an unexpectedly high number of voters mistaking quotes by famous historical figures as being said by Maltese personalities.

Of the 1,000 voters, only 57% correctly identified the quote "Words build bridges into unexplored regions" as being one of Hitler's, not national sweetheart Ira Losco's.

Ira Hitler

2017 Eurovision hopeful Claudia Faniello's iambic pentameter also confused voters, with 44% believing lyrics from her song Caravaggio were buried somewhere in Shakespeare's vast volume of work.


But the biggest landslide of incorrect answers came when participants were asked to choose between the Queen of Eurovision, Chiara Siracusa, and the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. Perhaps the dramatic nature of the chosen words was a little cheeky (given that Chiara is usually a lot more high-spirited in her songs), but it's still surprising to see that 71% incorrectly thought the lyrics "I'm a heart crusher, doomed forever. It's the curse of my life" were somehow uttered by Queen Elizabeth I.

For those curious, they're actually part of the chorus for Mermaid In Love, a cult favourite among Chiara's fans.

Bar Fabrizio vs Socrates and Mintoff vs Tywin, the other results were pretty close too. Check out how the majority voted below.


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