New Maltese Foundation Plans To Plant A Million Trees

And that's somehow still the tip of the iceberg

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The QLZH Foundation, a collaboration of Maltese real estate agencies QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, have vowed to planet 1,000,000 trees over the course of ten years. 

The foundation, which is only a month old, has already started planting trees with the help of school children of the Dingli Primary School and in collaboration with the Dingli Local Council. "These are only a few of the trees we wish to plant," QLZH stated at the foundation's official launch. And while that in itself is already an impressive feat to achieve, it's only the tip of the iceberg of what the foundation wants to put in motion.

The QLZH Foundation also plans on setting the first stone for a new school and sponsoring the education of a child for every place they rent out back in Malta. 

In July 2017, the QuickLets-Zanzi collaboration had travelled to Ghana to supply 300 children with internet for a whole year. To top it all off, 200 books and 120 huge packets of Twistees were also given to the children.

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The foundation's earliest days saw small beach and countryside cleanups being organised, but the companies' efforts soon went into overdrive when QuickLets starting giving clients a voucher to collect free recycling bags from their Local Councils.

Zanzi Homes, on the other hand, started planting a tree for every home they sell, and the figure soon went up to 300. Pembroke's Local Council was one of the first to show interest in this project.

Even with such a long list of incentives, the QLZH still wants to push the limits of what it can do as one foundation.

"We will continue promoting organ donation with all our employees, organise blood donation drives, visit more animal sanctuaries, spend time with the elderly, organize the second edition of our Make a Zanzi Wish and so much more," they said in a statement.

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For 2018, the foundation has entered the European Business Awards, where they'll be competing for The Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award.

"First and foremost, our aim has always been to create a diverse environment for like-minded people at the workplace," the foundation said. "Secondly, we have placed importance on technology in order to disrupt the property market and add value to the industry. This has primarily been achieved with a state-of- the-art back office system, built from property specialists for property specialists, and our Virtual Agent concept."

"Thirdly, our goal is to give back to the community."

You can vote for the QLZH group here.

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