One Fast Food Chain In Malta Is Using Its Leftover Food In The Best Way Possible

They donate 1,820kg of prime chicken every year

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In our modern, advanced society, food wastage is a major issue. Humans throw away about one third of the food produced globally, every year.

However, there are effective and efficient ways of combatting this waste, and one international company is fighting it in Malta, all while giving to a good cause.

KFC has lowkey been donating 5kg of chicken every day to the YMCA and St. Patrick's Salesian School in Malta.

The YMCA receives 2.5kg of chicken every day, in cooked and frozen form - and these 2.5kg of chicken can go a long way.

"YMCA not only deals with the 30 residents living at our homeless shelter, but also with drop-in clients that visit us and are in need of food donation bags. The reality is that some come to us and haven’t had a warm meal for over a week living off biscuits and what providence they find," said Anthony Camilleri, CEO of YMCA.

Getting some crispy KFC after eating biscuits for a week can literally change one's outlook on life. Fortunately, KFC aren't the only organisation that donates food - even though it may be the only restaurant that does so. 

Organisation like Vivien Coporation, Hartons, ARMS Social Committee, Applecore Foods Elmo Insurance Concept Stadium, HSBC, APS, Overcomers Chapel, KMPG, Malta Employers Association and other anonymous families donate everything from food to detergents to the YMCA.

"All of the above are necessities at the shelter not only for residents but also for emergency admission cases and for vulnerable cases," he said.

While YMCA are in need of other items - daily things like coffee, sugar, tea, long-life milk and water as well as canned food or packed food as well as fruits, snacks and plastic spoons are always needed - the regular food donations are essential to the organisation.

"We appreciate all the donations that we receive, especially the ones that we get in weekly, however there is always a large need since we have a lot of residents and vulnerable people depending on us," said Kylie Muscat, Head of Home.

If KFC can do it, 2018 could be the year when other restaurants start to follow suit and put their good leftover food to good use. 

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