Over €90,000 To Be Raised For Visually-Impaired Maltese School Children As Part Of Awesome New Charity Drive

'You take reading for granted. These kids can't.'


Being able to see and experience the world around us is a thing many people simply take for granted, until it's too late or we meet someone who really shifts our entire perspective. That's exactly what one Maltese company hopes to do with their latest initiative, and they aim to raise thousands for one awesome cause.

Well-known for their frequent charitable acts, RE/MAX & Friends Foundation have now announced an annual fundraising marathon with one common goal. Raising funds to purchase the equipment needed by more than 60 visually-impaired local children, the real estate agency's charitable branch has come to an agreement over all of its 27 offices.

Holding a number of unique fundraising events in the run up to the marathon, an ambitious goal of €90,000 has been set... and RE/MAX aim on reaching it.

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Earlier this year, the foundation committed their support to the National Readathon, an initiative launched through 22 public schools and over 1,000 primary students.

Spearheaded by the President’s Trust, and together with the National Literacy Agency, the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation committed to raise funds to purchase 96 instruments so children that are less fortunate may also have the opportunity to read.

Over the next month, multiple fundraising events organised by different RE/Max real estate offices will be held . From walk-a-thons and cake sales to fully-fledged mini festivals, the events will also be giving participants the opportunity to purchase Samuel and the Magic Tooth, a recently-released book by the inspirational blind boy Samuel Farrugia who stole the hearts of thousands.

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The RE/MAX & Friends Annual Marathon will culminate in the middle of October, when the NGO will organise a Family Fun Day for the group’s 450 members, and their family and friends.

"This initiative makes me feel so proud of our agents, staff, managers and franchise owners – many of whom have been in meetings to develop this great idea since the early days," RE/MAX Malta COO and Foundation Board Member Jeffrey Buttigieg said. "So many people have contributed to this effort in different ways, and we are all eager to be working towards the common goal of helping those less fortunate."

Beyond the marathon and the awesome initiative behind it, the Foundation will also raise a further €80,000 which will be distributed to other causes as part of a great annual tradition.

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