Remember The Mellieħa Orphaned Pigs? Turns Out Some Of Them Had Adorable Piglets That Are Now Looking For A Home

They will have to be neutered, registered and chipped... but already look like they'll love you forever


35 abandoned pot-bellied pigs discovered at a Mellieħa farm became the centre of many Maltese people's attention this summer, and what followed was a long saga of rescue attempts. Eventually, a number of the orphaned pigs were rescued thanks to volunteers finding homes for them... but we've got a new, adorable problem on our hands.

"Some of those pigs were pregnant and have given birth," Maltese NGO Time For Change announced to their Facebook followers earlier today. "We are now looking for suitable homes for the piglets."

Sharing a photo of the tiny piglets adorably standing in a corner, the NGO went on to explain that the babes would need to be neutered, registered and chipped.

Of course, everyone can easily fall in love with a photo like that, but it is important to remember that these babies will eventually stop being this small. And Time For Change wants to make sure this year's saga is not repeated down the line.

"Keep in mind these piglets will grow, so the necessary space and requirements will be needed," the NGO finished. "They will only be adopted and sent to good homes!"

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David Grech Urpani

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