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Stages Every Maltese Person Goes Through Before Donating to L-Istrina

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1. You remember you hate speaking on the phone

And even if it’s just to say Il-Festi t-Tajba, you’re not ready for a chat just yet

Awkward On Phone

2. And you really feel the videos exploit those less fortunate than us

Can these clips be a bit more inspirational and a bit less black and white, violin solo ‘poverty porn’?


3. Plus on your holiday you gave that homeless person in Rome 20c 

And you fished it out of your wallet, it didn’t just happen to be in your pocket.

Placeholder 1466284056 Rs 500X279 160226132151 Giphy

4. And you’re not exactly a fan of Peppi Azzopardi

He does seem to get more powerful with every above-mentioned violin solo.

Local 16 Temp 1319346634 4Ea3A1Ca 620X348

5. But there was one video that spoke to you

The one that makes you realise you are lucky to live the life you have


6. And they are approaching the €1 million mark

That’s an insane contribution


7. You realise the medium shouldn’t affect you getting behind the message

Sure things should change, but till you get up and change them – why snub the current goodwill?

Fair Enough

8. And the message itself is a pretty damn good one

Here goes: “help those in need in any way you can” #boom


9. You smile when your realise you don’t even have to sit through the performances

You can just call on:

5170 2011 to donate €15

5180 2012 to donate €25

Or send an SMS to:

5061 9201 to donate €11.65

5061 8918 to donate €6.99


Tag your friends and family – let’s continue to make this Istrina extra special!

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