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Stories Of Terrible Conditions For Black Garbage Collectors In Malta Emerge Online

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A shocking and downright disturbing story from Malta’s streets was shared yesterday on the Facebook forum Are You Being Served (RUBS), a large online community made up of over 68,000 people. The person who shared this story explained how, on what turned out to be the hottest day of 2017 yet, she got home to find a man lying on the floor next to her house. This is her full post.

“Absolutely disgusted in what I just witnessed!!

Just got home and found the bin men near my house… but opposite was a black bin man lying on the floor in the shade. The Maltese bin men were shouting at him.. I went to see if he was ok! His eyes were all over the place, he looked as though he was fainting. I ran upstairs and got him a big bottle of cold water! The maltese bin men were shouting at me to leave him alone..so I told them that he really doesn’t look well!

AND THEN THEY DROVE OFF WITHOUT HIM!! leaving the poor man lying on the ground unwell. 
After he had some water he sat up and asked me where they had gone.. i.told him that they left and he.quickly got up and started running after them. While.running he was falling over. I can’t help but think that if he wasn’t black they wouldn’t of treat him so badly!

What kind of world do we live in. 

Edit…the incident has been reported to the local council.”

The post, which appeared just over 24 hours ago, got over 1,000 reactions, and along with hundreds of comments. Needless to say, nearly all of them included disappointment, rage and all out disgust. 

While many people pointed out the double standards of being a Christian country with values of tolerance and generosity, others congratulated the woman for taking the necessary action to not only see whether the man needed any assistance, but to also report the whole thing to the Local Council. One person also reminded everyone about the recent controversial case of a Photoshopped version of the Last Supper making the rounds on all the local news, and how fleeting and irrelevant it all seems in the face of cases like this.

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Lovin Malta reached out to the person who witnessed and reported this incident, which happened in Mellieħa on Monday morning.  “Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anymore from the local council,” she said. “A lady did message me this morning though. She saw the truck driver yesterday as he was collecting the garbage himself and he left hers on the pavement! Luckily she recognized him and has given his name to the council. So hopefully something will be done.”

One person who commented on the original post had a similar horrible experience from less than a month ago, where a black worker was run over. “The driver wanted us all to go away and he didn’t even know the name of his so-called employee,” the post worryingly continued.

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Another person took the issue further, trying to bring to light the current situation with black workers in other sectors. She dubbed Marsa a “slave market”, retelling what she had witnessed herself. “These poor men are being exploited,” she said, “and they cannot complain or even attempt to get justice.”

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Featured Photo by Chris Sant Fournier

If you’ve experienced similar cases, please report them to your Local Council. 

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