The Government Of Malta Will Begin Offering Free Services To Transgender People

The news comes after repeated calls from the transgender community for more state aid


A legal notice that will lead to more services for transgender people in Malta has been published, Minister for Health and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced. 

"In the weeks to come we will be compiling a document on the services offered to conditions related to gender identity and to sexual characteristics. This plan that we will be publishing for public consultation will facilitate access to treatment for transgender people," said Minister Chris Fearne. 

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He said that this is the "first step towards more free services for transgender people in Malta". 

Gender-related therapy will be among the new services that will be offered to transgender people, free of charge.

This was announced at the recent 'Looking At Health Through The Gender Kaleidoscope' seminar organised by Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses.


Malta's Willa Naylor, who published a book on her transgender experience 

Legal Notice 44 would amend the Fifth Schedule found in the Social Security Act. The Fifth Schedule deals with gender and sex characteristics-related conditions.

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