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‘The Sweetest Boy Ever’ Makes Maltese Woman’s Day After Heartwarming Gesture At Swatar Supermarket

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Kids these days are spoiled, rude and inconsiderate. At least, that’s what a lot of people would have you believe. Rarely does any younger generation manage to impress older people who feel like they were brought up in a much better time, but one Maltese mother quickly came to realise that the next generation might not be as bad as we make it out to be. And it was all thanks to one sweet boy she met at a supermarket in Swatar.

“So the other day I posted a very negative post about how awful people can be,” the woman posted on Salott, the huge Facebook forum where many a complaint has been lodged before on local parenting or manners. “Today I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face because I came across the sweetest boy ever.”

The woman goes on to explain how she first spotted the young boy (who she said must’ve been around 11 years old and was shopping for his family) by the ice cream section. Counting the money he had been given over and over again, the boy seemed flustered. “I asked him what was wrong and he said I’m 1c short,” the woman explained. “I told him I would love to buy you one and it was a real struggle to give him the money for it as he was really polite.”

The woman went on to joke about how creepy she must’ve looked and apologised to the boy’s mother. “Anyway, I put the money in his hand and I told him it would make my day if he let me pay for it,” the woman said.

It was only sometime later, as the woman was packing her stuff at the cash, that the boy came up to her and absolutely broke her heart with his next question.

“He came up to me and asked me if he could speak to my daughter to ask her what she likes,” the woman said. “I realized then he wanted to buy something for her too with the money he was going to save.”

“Point is, his parents are doing an amazing job,” the Maltese mother finished, clearly moved by the young boy’s actions. “If we get more kids like him, the next generation will be OK.”

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Barely 12 hours after appearing on Facebook, the woman’s post got over 1,500 positive reactions, with hundreds of people gravitating between pleasantly surprised and loving every second of it.

One comment said the woman’s post was “one of the most beautiful” she had ever seen, with Salott admin Moira Palmier herself proclaiming, “I just love these posts.”

As many users agreed, there are clearly still a lot of kind and polite children out there, and cases like this really help put it all into perspective. It was at this point that the Maltese mother elaborated even further on the matter, adding some detail to her story.

“I don’t know if this boy was Maltese, I couldn’t tell from his accent,” the woman said in the comments section. “But if the parents of a gorgeous black boy who went shopping at Arcadia in Swatar are reading this, good job – he is amazing.”

While not an essential or even relevant detail in an ideal world, the added description did set off dozens of comments, condemning people who might have reached a racist conclusion if they spotted the boy in the street. “It’s besides the point in this case, he could be a Martian,” one comment observed, but others were quick to announce that it was good that she elaborated and “shut up all the racists out there who are happy to have migrants collecting their garbage, building their houses and, in general, doing all the jobs that Maltese are no longer willing to carry out.”

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What do you make of this story? Let us know in the comments below!

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