These Maltese People Will Come To Your Home, Pick Up Your Bees And Release Them Into The Wild

Goodbye my bees, goodbye


You might know a lot about the island, but what we're about to explain is a Maltese service you probably knew nothing about. A group of dedicated environmentalists have teamed up to form the Bee Savers Malta, a group who travel around the island picking up beehives from industrialised zones and releasing them back into the countryside.

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Bee Savers Malta started its life as a group of students who realised how crucial bees are to society. Founding the NGO with the help Arnold Grech the founding members Antoine Galea, Anthony Spiteri and Bernardette Aquilina are always excited to see new members join their ranks.

The team tries to give bees a fighting chance by saving them from certain death due to lack of food or worse, being attacked by people afraid of their stings.

If you're not overly enthused about becoming a bee rescuer, at least in a hands-on way, you can always help them (and our planet) out with a donation.

"We keep our services free as an incentive for the public to call us instead of pest control. However we do have we have many expenses, mostly depending on the situation. Many cases also require multiple visits in order to assess the situation and properly remove the bees. We therefore always appreciate donations from the public."

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Globally, rapidly decreasing bee populations have been cause for concern for years, and Malta is no different. Without these little buggers shaking their honeymakers from flower to flower, one third of the world's food would stop being produced.

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