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These Maltese Youths Want To Tackle Malta’s Drink-Driving Problem With A Keychain

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Let’s be honest, getting breathalysed by police here in Malta is as rare as cannibal’s steak. This means that every Tom, Dick and Harry won’t really give two shits about getting in their car while tipsy or, even worse, wasted.

Well, Exhale (a JAYE Company taking part in this year’s Young Enterprise competition) have stepped in with one little keychain. Let me explain.

The keychain comes in the form of a portable and reusable breathalyser which can be attached to your set of keys.

Tests can be performed anywhere and by anyone, helping people take the essential preemptive step before it’s too late.

Exhale’s mission is make our roads safer by raising awareness and reducing the serious problem of drink driving on the the Island, and we think that this nifty little thing will do just that.

Their breathalysers have landed and they’ll be taking orders soon, so if you like the sound of having your own little alcohol tester always with you, get one and attach it to your cars keys!

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