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This Is How You Can Help The Migrants On Board The Sea-Watch 3

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As 49 men, women and children approach their third week of being stranded at sea as Maltese and Italian politicians bicker over who should help them, you might want to help out yet feel helpless here on land.

However, as governments deny them safe port and they remain at the mercy of the weather and the waves, the Sea-Watch 3 is in need of donations to keep their activities sustained and allow them to assist and care for migrants in distress.

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You can donate through a number of methods by following this link

Sea-Watch 3 is accepting donations via website, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin and Direct Donation

Here is what your donations will go towards, according to the Sea-Watch 3 team


“€15 can buy a lifejacket. Life jackets are part of the basic equipment in Sea-Watch 3’s rescue operations.”


“€35 can buy a life-preserver. They are thrown to shipwrecked people when their boat is already sinking.”


“Rescued persons are often at risk of feeling extreme cold, and a rescue blanket is the first bit of aid given on board. With a donation of €50, 50 people can be given warmth.”


“Many rescued persons are often dehydrated, which is life-threatening, especially in the scorching heat. €100 can treat a very dehydrated person.”


“Life-rafts are part of the larger equipment on board. For example, with €500, we can save 60 people from drowning in case of an emergency.”

Any donation, between €5 and €25,000

“It costs €5 to provide a person with food and drink on board, and €25,000 to fill the tank with diesel for a month.”

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