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This Is How You Can Spot A Fake Car Park Attendant In Valletta

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With news that an imposter parker was caught harassing parkers in a car park in Valletta, one has to wonder how to actually tell if a parker is legitimate or not.

Parkers in Malta administer specific car parks as directed by Transport Malta, the authorities who issues their licenses. Each parker must have a visible license.

Even more-so, tipping these parkers is not obligatory – you tip them if you want to. Transport Malta wanted to show this so much that they’ve installed large signs in many car parks around the island. 

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However, there is now a simple way to find out if the car parker showing you to your spot is fake – at least in Valletta. 

“Transport Malta does not assign car park attendants in public car parks that are situated within the Valletta CVA zone,” Lovin Malta was told by a Transport Malta representative. 

When we asked specifcially about the car park that the imposter was caught in – the car park found between the end of Hasting Gardens and the BOV building – he said that “the car parking site being referred to is found within the CVA zone.”

This means that if there’s ever a car parker in that car park, he/she is most definitely an imposter.

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The car park mentioned above

The car parks situated near the football pitch in Floriana, and indeed all other surrounding car parks, do have a legitimate car parker assigned to them, who is there to help you and ensure the security of the parked cars.

However, they will still be breaking the law if they chase or harass drivers for tips.

Anyone who wants to report either a suspicious car parker or a harassing car parker can freephone 80072393 and make a report. 

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