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This Is Why You Need To Volunteer In An Elderly Home At Least Once In Malta

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Volunteering is a major part of the Maltese culture. From our churches to political parties and everything in between, you can be sure to find Maltese people lending a helping hand to a cause that they believe in.

Many Maltese people, in part due to their families, schools, or communities, especially give their time to help out in elderly homes. 

Elderly people are an essential part of the fabric of any society, and they should be treated as such, and volunteering is a very special way to show them your appreciation. 

And not only will you be giving back to your community, but you’ll be gaining a whole lot as well.

1. Be the light that destroys their loneliness

You’d be surprised how much some people appreciate a simple, good conversation. Let them speak to you, and reply as you would with anyone – they were once as young, and as wild, as you are today.

9 1 Td Elderly

2. Learning about a different time

Remember when you were a kid and WIFI wasn’t a thing? Forget WIFI – some of these folks remember when television wasn’t a thing.


3. Get to know your community

Few things will get you in-the-know faster than speaking to all the elders. 

They. Know. Everything.

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4. Helping the staff

This is an elderly home, so the chances are the staff do not have the time to give everyone a bit of one-on-one time. Help them take a load of their shoulders and make the home better as a result.

Braeside House 115

5. Provide undivided attention

You know how great it feels when someone is totally focused on listening to you? Try giving that gift to someone else. 

Justyne Caruana Day For The Elderly

6. Bring a smile to their faces

This is the easiest bit because nearly anything can work here. You can discuss recipes, try out your latest stand-up comedy routine, sing a song, install a PS4 and get them proficient in sniping: literally whatever floats your –  and their – boat. 

Boring Party

7. Help them through their toughest moments 

Old age brings sickness and mental illnesses to the body. You can be part of the medicine that helps battle these illnesses – a little tender love and care from someone who means it does wonders sometimes.

Local 04 Temp 1321163664 4Ebf5B90 620X348

8. Make new friends

You thought Pawla ta’ Liquorish was funny? Just wait till you meet Nazarena ta’ Bubaqra – the woman has stories going all the way back to the original Strait Street. 


9. Give back to the community

Do your small part in making your community a stronger and happier place.

Old People S Home For 4 Year Olds 23354 460X306

10. Keeps you humble

Being reminding of the frailty of human life may seem hard at first, but it will give you a greater sense of purpose. 


BONUS: Hear some insane stories

Elderly homes are ground zero for impressive, personal historical tales. From WW2 to every era in Malta, grab some popcorn and get ready to be transported to a front row seat of history. 

Have you ever volunteered in Malta? Let us know where in the comments below!

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