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This Photo Of A 92-Year-Old Maltese Nannu Admiring Our Islands Can Teach Us So Much

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Sometimes a simple photo can turn your whole day around. When we spotted this snap by aspiring photographer Karl Hili, we had to know the story behind it, and when he explained it all, we weren’t disappointed.

“To understand the context of the photo a little more, you need to know more about my grandfather,” Karl told Lovin Malta.

“He worked in the Royal Navy and spent years on vessels out at sea. One one mission the submarine he was on disappeared completely and was lost for a month. Thankfully he came back to my Grandma who had heard no news for weeks on end. He’s always be an active, healthy and intelligent man his whole life”

The picture above was taken at a family picnic. Amidst all the chaos Karl’s grandfather pulled up a chair, walked a few meters away from the rest of the group and just sat down to think.

“He didn’t tell us what he was thinking about, but it was so amazing to see a man who has lived on this island for 92 years still find the time to sit down and just admire the world we live in.”

In total, his grandfather spent a whole hour enjoying his own company surrounded by such beautiful scenery. The only reason he even pulled away from the view was to look at two dogs playing together.

“My grandfather loves animals, so he couldn’t resist turning around.”

Karl is a full-time video editor and an aspiring Youtube, and it’s snaps like these that capture a beautiful moment so perfectly that will hopefully propel his dream forward.

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