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WATCH: Ben Camille Goes All Out Against Bullying In Malta’s Schools

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Maltese actor and celebrity heartthrob Ben Camille has uploaded a video of a campaign against bullying which he embarked on throughout this last scholastic year. Ben teamed up with the Ministry of Education and Malta’s Anti-Bullying Team, visiting a number of schools with the purpose of creating awareness on and fighting against bullying.

“It was a very emotional experience for me,” he said. “Bullying was something I was a victim of myself when I was young, and I was lucky enough to find help to fight it. I want to do the same.”

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The campaign included, among other things, small focus groups where students acted out plays alongside the actor himself. After the whole thing, the entire group discusses what they should do in that situation, what could’ve wrong, and how to make sure they’re not bystanders to bullying. 

“If I help just one kid, that’s one less kid falling victim to bullying,” Ben said. “Obviously, I wish to help a lot more!”

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“This means a lot to me because I would received messages from kids who feel comfortable opening up to me,” Ben said. “This helped me see the potential influence I had on these kids, and I wanted to use it to do some good.”

And of course, between Ben Camille joking with the young students and a couple of adorable fan moments, the two and a half minute video has all the cuteness you’d expect.

The Maltese actor said he will definitely back for the next scholastic year. “Bullying, you stand no chance!” he concluded. 

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