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WATCH: Diver Who Freed Fish From ‘Abandoned Cages’ Attracts Ire Of Maltese Fishermen

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A diver who freed a grouper fish he found in “abandoned cages” underwater has come under fire from Maltese fishermen for releasing the fish.

In the video, Raniero Borg can be seen approaching a number of cages while diving in the Maltese seas. One of the cages held a grouper, which, upon Raniero’s approach, begins slamming into the walls of the cage in an attempt to escape.

The panicked grouper, whom the diver said had an injured nose and mouth due its escape attempts, can be swimming among a number of molluscs and sea snails in the cage.

Saying that the grouper is “obviously frightened and scared”, he begins to bend the opening of the cage in an attempt to widen it so the grouper can escape. Eventually it escapes.

In just over a week, the video amassed over 3,000 views.

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Fishermen, however, contested how abandoned the cages were

One person commenting said that the diver’s actions were illegal.

“Be careful, what you did is illegal and there are heavy penalties for what you did. You should know better that it was not abandoned and did not grow in the cage,” said the commenter.

Another person pointed out that it didn’t look like the cage had been there for very long.

Do you think the diver’s actions were correct?

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