WATCH: Malta's Seas Just Aren't What They Used To Be, And This Sad Video Proves It

This retro footage gives a glimpse into what could have been

Malta's beautiful seas are a major attraction to both locals and foreigners - but a recently uploaded video comparing the seabed near Mtaħleb shows what 30 years has done to some of Malta's prime environment.

Showing shots of the Maltese seabed from 1985, the video on Raniero's Adventures page then compares the same stretches of sea bed in their modern day form.

In the 1985 video by Raniero Borg, the Maltese diver, the seabed can be seen full of underwater flora and fauna, as well as a lack of large items that have been dumped into the sea. 

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Whereas parts of the sea that rarely sea boats or people can avoid being impacted, other places like Sikka l-Bajda near St. Paul's Bay has been impacted greatly, with lifeless trails being left behind due to human activity.

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Did you expect Malta's seas to be in this state?

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