WATCH: Pope Francis Sends A Message To The Maltese People Endorsing Local Missionary Charity

And this Saturday, they'll be hosting a 12 hour telethon to raise money

Missio, the international mission agency of the Catholic Church in Malta, is hosting a 12-hour-long telethon this Saturday to raise funds for their missionary work. As a charity, they raise money to help communities and individuals in over 100 third world countries.

After seeing what the Maltese public is doing through Missio Malta this year, Pope Francis himself endorsed the Marathon and wanted to personally thank the Maltese public for their donations

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The work that Missio does includes providing education materials and covering teachers' wages, creating sustainable food, water and medical programmes, as well as building schools, hospitals, orphanages and churches.

On Saturday the 16th of March, Missio is holding a 12 hour telethon to raise funds

Missio #hopefest will start at noon and keep going until midnight, and will be aired live on local television stations TVM2, NET, ONE, XEJK, FLiving and Smash TV.

If you want to donate, you can call or SMS on the following numbers;

51702063 - €15
51802064 - €25
51902061 - €50

50618820 - €6.99

For more information on Missio and what they do, check out their website!

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