WATCH: Residents Kept Up As Fgura Alarm Triggered At Midnight Blares Till Early Morning

Police were unable to rectify the situation

A disgruntled Fgura resident has uploaded two bleak videos in the early hours of the morning after a shop alarm close to his house was triggered at midnight and kept blaring throughout the night.

The updates, posted at 4:00am and 5:45am, show local singer Aldo Busuttil standing outside his house explaining the situation as the alarm continues to roar in the background.

According to the videos, Busuttil's local police department had no way to contact the shop's owner as the alarm wasn't registered with them. 

"The time is 5:40am, the alarm is still going... as you can see behind me the petrol station has opened. The police still haven't arrived, and neither has the owner. It's absolutely shameful."

Comments flooded in from friends sympathising with Busuttil's situation, as it seems the Maltese are no strangers to alarms that simply won't quit.

We've reached out to The Convenience Store for a comment.

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