WATCH: Staff And Students At Gżira's Stella Maris College Just Baked The Biggest Figolla In The History Of Figolli

Size does matter, sometimes

Can you imagine what 400 kilos of flour looks like? No, this isn't another drug-haul article. It's a baking article. A "these guys just baked a really big figolla for charity" article.

There's nothing like some good old competitive spirit to get you excited about going to school every day. And the students and staff over at Stella Maris College in Gżira just found the coolest (and tastiest) way of instilling some school spirit into everyone. By baking a massive figolla. And I mean massive.

The school was officially awarded a certificate from Malta Records for the largest figolla in Malta

Measuring in at an impressive 6.2m in length, 2.47m in width, and 8cm in height, this figolla truly is a giant. And not that I think anyone is planning on recreating this beast, but just in case, here are some of the ingredients:

  • 150kg butter
  • 10kg sugar
  • 400kg flour
  • 140kg icing sugar
  • 30l egg whites
  • 10kg icing paste
  • 120 lemons and oranges
  • 100kg jam

They used jam for the filing, instead of the traditional almond paste, so that even students and individuals with a nut allergy could enjoy it.

The figolla was sold to people who attended the college's open day on Sunday, and all profits from sales went towards Puttinu Cares' charity.

A group of staff and students worked long and hard to make this tasty treat, volunteering their break time and staying on after school to finish it.

They dedicated the figolla to Jean Baptiste de La Salle, founder of the school, on the year of his 300th birthday

With a selection of icons, murals, and a portrait of Jean Baptiste gracing the top. We're sure it was no easy feat, and hope it tasted as good at it looked.

Well done to everyone involved! Is the chicken nugget challenge next?

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