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‘We Have To Help Each Other’: Pleas For Communication Made As Businesses All Over Malta Reopen

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Restaurants, hair salons, nail parlours and bars all over Malta are currently in the middle of their first weekend of operations in what feels like an eternity. But with everyone still trying to adjust to the newest normal, there’s bound to be a misstep or two.

Well aware of this, people have taken to Facebook to ask everyone to be understanding, and try to help local businesses instead of jumping to the all-too-usual step of online lynching.

“If you go into a commercial premises and see some mistakes, don’t start recording or taking photos to later upload onto social media,” a post from last night that quickly gained traction on popular Facebook forum The Salott reads.

“Please speak to the owner. We have to help each other. This is new for everyone.”

“Business owners will be trying their best to make it safe and get their business running again,” the post continues. “Let’s help each other through this transition.”

Left post by Simon Desira

Left post by Simon Desira

Meanwhile, some restaurant owners took to Facebook to show off their latest measures, giving guidelines and examples.

“Good morning, this is what your local outdoor restaurant cerified by the MTA should look like,” one Birżebbuġa restauranteur said, sharing a photo from the eatery’s terrace. “2+ metre distance, outdoors!”

Of course, not all is well and perfect in these early days, and some were quick to point out that not every restaurant looked as great and safe as the one in the photo.

“I didn’t see seating like this nearly anywhere else,” one user said, with another adding that “unfortunately, not all places are applying these rules”.

“Then it is up to the customer to simply walk away and find somewhere that does,” one user replied. “After all, it is up to each and everyone of us to take care of ourselves!”

What do you make of this?

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