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Here’s Why Gozo Is Better Than Malta (According To Gozitans)

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Gozo: Malta’s shadow, or the Maltese archipelago’s secret weapon?

Gozo is often overlooked by most visitors to Malta, as well as many Maltese. Stereotyped as the more rural part of the most rural nation in Europe, Gozitans have long suffered at the hands of their Maltese brethren.

However, with a lot of aspects of life in Malta actually being less than favourable, more and more people are looking towards the sister island as an oasis in the middle of all this, well, traffic.

So we spoke to some Gozitans about why they think Gozo is better than Malta. The first answer will definitely not surprise you.

1. Less traffic

Simple and straightforward, Gozo has roads, and they aren’t all slammed with cars on cars on cars.


2. Cheaper rent and restaurants

Turns out there are also some really good economic reasons to live in Gozo. Enjoy houses that would cost triple the price in Malta – and food that would cost double.

Baron Holiday Homes Pool Sunset

This is like, a third of the price in Gozo

3. The culture (‘which is dying in Malta’)

If you love culture, many Gozitans believe their tiny island is where to get it in full, OG force.

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4. The chill lifestyle

And if you are too busy slaving away at those Excel spreadsheets, then you are definitely missing out in the real Mediterranean lifestyle that the Gozitans have perfected to a T.

5. Nature walks

Malta has some great places to go for a walk or jog, but the sister island isn’t giving up without a fight.

6. Carnival

All the cool people go to Nadur Carnival, didn’t you know?

Mcarnival 4 Nadur

7. Maxokk and Mekren

The dilemma that visitors to the island feel, and, assumedly, every Gozitan feels every day: Mekren, or Maxokk? With pizza this good, is there any real reason to ever leave Gozo?

8. The people

Say what you want about Gozitans, but they are earnest and sincere people. They are more down to earth than the Maltese – and in most cases, less stuck up as well.

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