Woman's Desperate Search For Maltese Birthmother Goes Viral

"My name was Caroline Borg"

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A woman who was born in Malta in 1970 is desperately trying to locate her birthparents, and her plea is currently going viral on Facebook. 

Mary Grace Johnson posted two photos - a certificate of baptism and an old Maltese passport - along with a short description of all the information she has. "My name was Caroline Borg and I was born in Attard, Malta March 16, 1970," the paragraph reads.

Mary Grace's birthmother is Maltese while her birthfather is Sicilian. She is the youngest of nine children and apparently the illegitimate daughter of her birthfather, who was married in Sicily and had eight children.

The only other piece of information that the woman has is that her birthmother was 28 years old when she was born... meaning she'd be 75 now. 

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The post has only been up for a little over a day, but it's already been shared more than 600 times at the time of writing. Dozens of people reached out to the woman in the comments section to give her suggestions on how to make her search a little smoother. 

Some offered contacting specific town hall (or Local Council) records of the Maltese and Sicilian towns in question, or even checking international DNA databases. Mary Grace's replies for now have been heartbreakingly simple. "I'm trying everything, but it's not easy". 

Within 24 hours, the post was shared on Searching For Lost Friends And Family MALTA, a popular Facebook group which was set up for cases like this. 

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