New App By Young Maltese Mavericks Lets You Create Music On The Go

Apparently, it’s as easy as posting a status update


Most of us have wanted to be in a band at some point. Absolutely none of us wanted to deal with the logistical hassle of first finding like-minded musicians to play with, and then lugging over all the necessary equipment to a workable location so that you can all start jamming.

Well, a new ‘collaborative songwriting app’ created by “three Maltese dudes” will aim to cut out that middleman good and proper.

Kwaver, thought up by Brendan Borg, Clint Tabone and James Zammit, will enable musicians to record their own instrument or voice by themselves, and then immediately connect them with other musicians to put together the rest of the song. 

The way it works is that you just choose a pre-produced beat or sing acapella. Then you name your track, choose what type of artists you want to collaborate with – be it vocals, beatbox or bass lines. Kwaver then matches you with other musicians that match your musical style and complement your skill set instantly.

The app attracted the attention of some top-tier digital entrepreneurs when the Kwaver team travelled to Silicon Valley to form part of the Google Partner Day. Jumping at the chance to present their app to a high-caliber audience and rub shoulders with industry greats, the Kwaver team even scored an Angel Investor in the process.

Kwaver Google Days Pix

Clint Tabone and Brendan Borg at Google Partner Day

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Brendan Borg said that the aim of the app was to “make music collaboration as easy as a status update”.

“Songwriting for professional signed musicians is a behind-the-scenes process. We believe that Kwaver will enable such artists to involve their fans in the song creation process, allowing them to make money out of it.”

Borg said that Maltese musicians in particular will benefit from the app, because they would “want to impact people and reach out to new territories through their music”.

The Kwaver team is currently hard at work trying to draw in talent scouts, established artists and label executives to form part of their network. Among the artists already on its roster are Eurovision hopeful Brooke, Dana McKeon, Yorika Attard and Micmago.

So musicians – what are you waiting for? Hop on board the Kwaver… all you’ll need is an iPhone.

“No cables or special equipment required,” Borg reassures us.

Check out, and stay updated on the app through its Facebook page

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