Could We Have Found Malta's Batman?

Not sure we deserve him, but we sure do need him

Maltas Batman

A Maltese man seems to have had enough of hollow promises (and roads) as he took to the streets armed with nothing but a sack of some mystery agent to fill a pothole in front of his home.

Tarmac Post

The post, shared on Maltese Facebook group The Salott, was flooded with likes and comments, some praising the vigilante, and others telling tales of similar encounters they've had in their hometowns.

Bus Packing

"Yesterday I saw the same thing happen in St. Julian's, and the person asked a bus driver to roll over it"

The Maltese are a tight-knit community after all, and when it comes to vigilanteeism, we seem more than willing to help.

According to some comments, despite his proactive approach, the man in question may actually get fined for his contribution.


Hey Tarmacman, we see you, and we appreciate what you're doing! #Resist

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