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14 Awesome Valentine’s Dates In Malta If You’re ‘Broke Sal-Bajd’

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When you’re running low on funds in Malta it can sometimes feel like there isn’t much you can do with a loved one that isn’t sitting in your parent’s house and watching TV ad nauseam. 

But with a little creative thinking and a drive to impress, you can impress a date this Valentine’s Day with minimal expenditure.

1. Take your date out on a touristy treasure hunt

Drive around or take the bus – it doesn’t matter how you get there just go. Take snaps across the island and document your day like you’ve just landed in a brand new city.

2. Go ghost-hunting in Mdina

Get the adrenaline pumping with a ghost-hunt across the silent city. Wants the lights go out and the torches come on, Mdina can be a pretty haunting place, particularly if you’ve read up on a ghost story or two before going.

3. Work out together at one of the many free, outdoor gyms

Hear us out – it may not seem like the most romantic of ideas, but if you’re ok with sweating in front of your partner, a fun workout at an outdoor gym can actually be pretty romantic. Plus everyone knows that exercise makes you happy. Push each other for one last rep and enjoy the challenge together.

4. Go to the Monti and bargain-hunt

There’s always something just calling out to you. Give yourselves a nice, low budget and see how many hidden treasures you can dig out. Even if it requires some DIY down the line, that’s another date waiting to happen. 

5. Wake up hella early and go fishing

While the world is barely stirring, wake up super early, grab some rods you borrowed (or just make them yourself by following this easy guide) and head to the shoreline. 

6. Get a national library card and read a book together

We really don’t read enough any more – plus this is the perfect excuse to get to know one another by seeing what your partner is interested in reading. It’s also a good chance to get familiar with the National Public Library at Floriana.

7. Try busking in Valletta if you have any form of talent

Whether you play an instrument, sing, dance, act – find a nice section to feature your talent and push yourself to try something different.

Sure, you might not rake in the cash right away, but you’ll be having fun together, and creating a memorable moment.

8. Call animal shelters and volunteer together

Almost every animal shelter could use an extra pair of hands. If you call ahead to volunteer some of your time, you’re unlikely to be turned away. And honestly, what’s cuter or more rewarding than helping out a bunch of vulnerable pets?

9. Head to Dingli to stargaze 

A bit of a cliche, but it wouldn’t be a cheap-date list without a trip to Dingli. If you’ve done this one before then avoid making it the main focus, and have it in your back pocket as a way to cap off an amazing day out.

10. Go camping 

And if you can’t find any tents or sleeping bags to borrow (unlikely cos, let’s be real, everyone knows a scout) get a quick permit for an Aħrax camp site, take some old, unwanted pallets and build a bonfire and make some smores. If you’ve never lit a fire before, this guide will help you, but please don’t cut down any trees to burn.

11. Feed the ducks at Duck Village or San Anton Gardens

Take some stale bread for the little waddlers and enjoy watching them go crazy over their daily fix of carbs.

12. Hit up a karaoke bar

If you’re both extroverts it’ll be a perfect chance for the duet of a lifetime, if you’re not big fans of standing out then you’re in for a free comedy show all night.

13. Try Geocaching 

Geocaching has been a thing in Malta for a while now, but if you’re not familiar with what it is then be sure to read the official website. The basic summary is simple: hunt down hidden ‘caches’ across the island, leave a little note for the next person to find and move on to the next cache.

14. Go for a winter swim together

It worked for Jack and Rose, right? The one may be the most adventurous activity on the list, but everything can be fun when you’re doing it with a loved one. Perhaps take some extra precautions against hypothermia before.

Tag your significant other and get planning

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